Shallow Stream


Another term completed, and I am about to head home to visit family. I am also getting the opportunity to return to Scout Island, BC, to work some more on a series of paintings I started two years ago.

My job at the Scout Island Nature Centre was to educate people, mostly children. I taught lessons on birds, bugs, bones… and whatever else Nature had to offer. One of my favourite ways of educating, however, was to let people watch me paint. There is something exceptionally rewarding in having a three year old sit next to you while you work, to have them pick up one of the wet- but clean- brushes, and to start mimicking your strokes on a patch of dry paint.

The series is a collaborative work encompassing five panels, each representing a stage in a salmon’s journey to the ocean. One artist painted the water in each panel. Another did the alevins (the newly hatched fry on the right), the eggs, and the two fry in the middle of this painting. I was in charge of creating a fluid composition between the five panels, as well as to paint the landscape elements (in this particular one, I also painted the four fry on the left).


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