Triatoma sanguisuga

Hide Your Kids. Hide Your Wives. They're biting everyone around here.I’m not sure where January snuck off to, but I have my first volley of midterms next week, starting with Parasitology. Sometimes I wonder if this weekly goal of mine was such a good idea. Yes, I have posted past work when I am cramped for time, but doing that too often just feels like cheating. So, in the middle of piecing together a monstrosity of review package, I set myself a little goal: I was going to draw something relevant to what I was studying… and I was going to do it in two hours.

Meet the Kissing Bug. These little fellows get their name from giving people little kisses, by which I mean blood-sucking bites, around their mouths while they sleep. They’re attracted to your fragrant breath. There are many types of Kissing Bugs, but the species shown here is Triatoma sanguisuga.
Did you know that Kissing Bugs also spread the parasite responsible for Chagas Disease?

Time Spent: 75 minutes.


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