Getting to Know You Betta


Introducing my fish, Splash Gordon. This week’s post was more about learning technique than anything else, as I wanted to practice using pencil crayons. So without further ado, I will share what I learned with you!

  • Not all media are short-cut friendly when it comes to detail. When working in pencil, always map out the scales in your line drawing, being sure to take note of any changes in pattern as they cover the body.
  • If you’re going to work on something with any fine detail- such as a scaly fish- work on a medium or large sheet of paper. Getting cramped is no fun at all. From tail to lip, this picture is only 14 cm wide.
  • Using a white pencil to blend, or burnish, worked great for most areas (such as the caudal fin), but I’m not sold on using it in more shadowed/saturated areas.

I am planning to do another drawing of Splash, but with more focus on his anatomical structures. Hopefully I can find some good reference photos of the Betta’s labyrinth organ. I may be keen on science… but not keen enough to dissect my only morning companion.




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