Lady Bird, Lady Bird, Fly Away Home

Coccinella novemnotata corrected

Meet Coccinella novemnotata, The Nine-Spotted Lady Beetle!

Of the 6000 lady beetle species in the world, she is one of the 166 found in Canada (500 in North America). Since other species can have nine spots (such as Harmonia axyridis, or multicoloured Asian lady beetle), and C. novemnotata can be missing spots in the West, look out for the distinctive black stripe down her back!

Since the introduction of other species (such as the Seven-Spotted Lady Beetle) into North America, her population has declined. While she is still common in the western provinces of Canada, it is thought that she no longer resides in the East. And despite being declared New York’s state insect, they have passed no legislation to protect this lady beetle or her habitat.

Edit: I learned something new from my Parasite Professor yesterday– the spots on a ladybug’s back are symmetrical. And since accuracy is something I strive for, I went and fixed it.


4 thoughts on “Lady Bird, Lady Bird, Fly Away Home

    1. Thanks! I used Photoshop, an old Wacom, and a lot of reference photos. I posted a progress shot on Monsters and Molecules’ Facebook Page, if you want to check it out 🙂

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