Northern Adventures

It was not my intention to go on sabbatical from M&M for three weeks. However, work has been a whirlwind of activity- a flurry which sent me all the way to the North-Eastern corner of British Columbia, where I taught kids science for two weeks. It was a great experience, and though I didn’t do any (scientific) drawings while there, I did practice my photography. Here are a few of my favourites that I would like to share.


The road between Chetwynd and Tumbler Ridge, BC.


Gwillim Lake, BC.


A Cycad Fossil, seen in Tumbler Ridge, BC.


My hand compared to the footprint of an Ankylosaur.


My colleague and I found what appeared to be a roadkill dumping ground near Pine Le Moray Provincial Park (we had pulled into it to take some photos of the Rockies).  We found ~9 different sites; mostly ribs, vertebrae and scapulae. Due to their size, they are likely all deer bones. We didn’t find any skulls, unfortunately!

UngulateVertebraeRibsAndPelvisLauraUlrich UngulateVertebraeLauraUlrich



I found many of these exceptionally crumbly rocks on the Peace River. If anyone know’s why they’re like this, I would love to know!


Above is the strangest meteorological event I have ever seen- an upside down rainbow. I know rainbows are actually rings, and have seen them as such from planes, but I have never seen the upside-down half from the ground.  This was in Chetwynd- I’m not sure if the altitude or latitude were the cause, but if anyone knows, please comment!


Alaska Highway, between Fort St. John and Prophet River.

Besides taking photos, I ran around collecting and pinning insects. Between my new, lovely specimens and all my of my photos of bones and rocks, the trip did a wonderful job at bolstering my reference collection! I hope to get back to drawing soon, and have something ready for you next week. Cheers!


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