Vertebrate Labs are Hard to Stomach



Meet the digestive system. You have probably seen a poster or two of what it looks like in humans, perhaps in your doctor’s office or back in a high school science class. It’s a pretty amazing thing- it allows us to take a specific piece of the external environment and hold it in such a close association with our bodies that we can break it down into its basic components and absorb them as nutrients.

Today I present to you some of my (redrawn) lab notes from when I took Vertebrate Biology. It is a (stylized) roadmap of the digestive system in four different classes of Vertebrata: Actinopterygii (trout), Amphibia (mudpuppy), Aves (pigeon) and Mammalia (rabbit– a herbivore– and cat– a carnivore). I hope you enjoy it and to anyone currently taking a Vertebrate course, I hope you find it useful.


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