Metacarcinus magister: the fruit salad of the Sea


The crabs Helen netted on our last day in Haida Gwaii were Metacarcinus magister, commonly called Dungeness crabs. While she was interested in the tasty meat, I was keener on the bellies of the beasts. It also helps that I dissected one in my Invertebrate class. So in case you were ever curious about the various unsavory blobs in the body of a crab, here is a handy little reference.

Crab meat is darker in colour than I have depicted, but my mood has been feeling rather pastel recently; I have been mourning the loss of the pristine waters of Quesnel Lake, on which I grew up, the (possibly) deepest fjord lake in British Columbia. The neighboring mine’s tailings pond burst its dam last weekend, spilling everything into the lake.


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