School is back in session!  This (final) term of my undergrad should be busy, exciting, and hopefully inspiring as I am taking insect biology, forensic science and a class on 3d modeling and animation! I am also working on one (or hopefully two or three) of the major pieces for my portfolio (which you will likely see in the future as it progresses).

As for today’s post, I used my original cross-sectional drawing from when I took invertebrate and changed the labeling to a style that I am hoping to use on some business cards (the cards won’t include the legend, that is just for you). Nautili are pelagic cephalopods, belonging to a family of only six living species; an extinct relative is the Ammonite, whose fossils are often used in jewelry. The head/tentacles of the Nautilus would be at the widest part of the shell, at the top of the drawing. To swim, they draw water into their body chamber and then use it to propel themselves backward.


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