Erythrocyte’s New Clothes

Some of you may recognize this week’s picture. I used the same file as my original erythrocyte animation, but textured and rendered the frame in a different program. It also has the added bonus of being used as a wallpaper (If your screen resolution is 1920 x 1080). Enjoy!

And… if anyone knows of any scientific illustrator work in the Vancouver BC area, please drop me a line. I am a freshly milled BSc in search of a job that doesn’t require a PhD.



One thought on “Erythrocyte’s New Clothes

  1. WOWWOW!!! Great looking pic.
    You are truly talented.

    One slight suggestion on the RBC shape… your presentation makes them appear a bit flat. They’re normally more bulbous — more like a donut without an actual hole — fatter on the outer ring. Hint: RBCs are known as bi-concave cells. This will make the picture much more realistic 🙂

    To make each RBC truly photo-realistic, try varying the flatness/roundness of the RBC. Maya should allow this (I’m not familiar with Maya, but it can be done by adding a parameter that will take random values within a min-max range — the parameter defines the max width of the RBC at it’s widest point. The thinnest central-point of that RBC would be an always-fixed percentage of this same parameter, say 30%). This parameter should vary (take on a random value, within its range) for each RBC.

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