From Stream to Sea

After three years of scrounging up time– first between visiting classes and later during my brief visits– I have finally finished the Stream to Sea paintings at the Scout Island Nature Centre. It is a series that illustrates the journey of young salmon, from shallow streams out to the ocean. Likewise, it shows journey of water, starting as a dewdrop in a forest.

Until this summer, only the Ocean and River paintings were completed. Over the past few months, I managed to visit Scout Island time-to-time to do touchups on the Shallow Stream painting, and to fully populate the Beach and Forest paintings.

I posted the paintings in order of their display at Scout Island (which was determined by the tanks, and also the geography of Canada’s west coast).

The OceanSTS_Ocean

THE BeachStS_Beach_LauraUlrichStS_Beach_Heron_LauraUlrich StS_Beach_HarbourSeal_LauraUlrich

THE RiverRiverPanel_ScoutIsland

THE Shallow StreamStS_ShallowStream_LauraUlrich

THE ForestStS_Forest_LauraUlrich


The Big Picture


Credit where it’s due: Alison painted the water and sea creatures (I only composed / touched up that painting), and Kiera painted the salmon eggs and alevins.


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