Mendelian Genetics Slowmation

Another slowmation! This one is on the topic that set me down the road of pursuing a science degree; Mendelian Genetics and the laws of Inheritance.

This animation was not a team project, though I did have Max, Monsters and Molecules’ editor-in-chief, narrate it. (Pro-tip: if you know you will be the one editing a video, get someone ELSE to narrate it). I wanted to show that slowmations can be used to tell a story, and I also wanted to experiment with using only paper.

Alas, this marks the end of my Teaching Science Methodology course (it was condensed). I still have Teaching Art, Teaching Math, Aboriginal Education, and Special Needs Education to keep me busy, but my workload has eased considerably. I think my next goal for this blog is to change the theme… perhaps to something where I can show my instagram, so I do not seem utterly AWOL all of the time.

If you missed my first slowmation on vaccines, click here.

See you next time!


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