Sweet Sketchnotes

Another year, another honey harvest. It is amazing how much I remembered from last time… and how much I forgot. That’s why I made some sketchnotes about the process to better refresh my memory again 12 months from now. Perhaps they will help other wannabe-beekeepers out there!

Sketchnotes are a useful means of learning and recording ideas and information. It is a combination of handwritten notes, doodles, arrows, fancy lettering, etc. I find that it helps break up large slabs of writing, adding landmarks for quicker and more enjoyable referencing later. For example, a doodle of a bowling ball with a ruler next to it marks an activity my teaching-science professor described to us, where students hypothesized how many bowling balls they could fit in their classroom.

It’s hard to believe I am already 2/3 of the way through PDP (Professional Development Program, SFU’s Teacher certification)! This summer has flown in a rush, leaving me qualified to teach science, math, and art. I also took a couple courses on working with students who have special needs and Aboriginal education. Next up: my long practicum! Hopefully they tell me what grade(s) and subject(s) I’ll be teaching more than a week in advance…


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